Having a fast website is essential for a great user experience and success in SEO.

So who is the fastest hosting company? Which companies provide the fastest hosting service?

We have shared the fastest hosting companies, taking into account the speed tests and user reviews we have done.

This review consists of experience and advice. The results here do not always reflect 100% correct results. All hosting companies in this content are the most recommended, best and most reliable hosting companies in the world. Don’t make your hosting choice just based on speed test results.

Who has the fastest hosting?

There are many popular and reliable website speed performance tools such as google pagespeed insights, webpagetest for web hosting speed testing.

We’ve also researched the top recommended hosting companies for hosting speed testing. We bought shared cpanel linux web hosting from these hosting companies and we installed wordpress with only SSL.

We did not install any plugins such as cache on the WordPress site and used the default theme that came with the wordpress installation. We repeated these tests not only once, but within certain hours to get the most accurate results, and shared the average results.

But remember this! Web hosting isn’t the only reason a website can run slow. The theme you use on your website or any coding error can cause your website to run slowly. If you experience performance problems on your site, first check the software on your site.

You can also use a cache plugin to increase the speed of your site.

If you think there is no problem with the software on your website, contact your hosting provider’s technical support team and request assistance with the problem.

Hostinger – hostinger.com

Fastest hosting providers – Hostinger
  • Lowest: 390 ms
  • Highest: 292 ms
  • Average: 318 ms

Hostinger is one of the cheapest and most affordable hosting companies on the market. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hostinger has servers in Asia, USA and Europe and they offer three different shared web hosting with linux support. There are also really significant discounts for two-year and four-year purchases.

In Hostinger, apart from linux web hosting, you can also find services such as wordpress hosting and vps hosting or cloud server for a medium-sized project.

You can reach customer representatives 24/7 for any problem you experience in your services. They are really fast and very successful at this.

A2 hosting – a2hosting.com

fastest hosting a2 hosting test en
Fastest web hosting companies – a2 hosting
  • Lowest: 310 ms
  • Highest: 260 ms
  • Average: 274 ms

Indisputably, one of the companies that provides the fastest hosting service in the world is a2 hosting! It is a successful hosting company with high rate uptime and best page load time. It is also environmentally friendly. (green hosting)

Their technical support is also highly experienced and solution-oriented. You can reach them 24/7 with live chat, ticket system, e-mail and phone in case of problems. When we tried the live chat, they answered all our questions in an explanatory way with great patience.

The only downside to A2 hosting can be the high renewal prices. Yes, a2 hosting aggressively increases prices in service renewals. However, it gives your money’s worth.

If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Bluehost – bluehost.com

fastest web hosting companies bluehost cpanel
Super fast hosting – Bluehost
  • Lowest: 480 ms
  • Highest: 411 ms
  • Average: 446 ms

Bluehost is one of the fastest and most popular hosting companies in the world. It powers more than 2 million websites and offers a suitable service for everyone from the beginner to the expert. All their plans come with many benefits like free domain name and free SSL.

It offers many different products, from US-based bluehost domains to dedicated servers. After going to the website, you can see all the products from the top menu.

Bluehost offers incredible first-term discounts on plans for new customers, as do many companies. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the renewal rates.

Along with the fast hosting they provide, they offer very generous disk space on the plans and never limit the traffic your site can receive. Honestly it could be faster and the alternative server location option would be great too.

HostGator – hostgator.com

super fast hosting company hostgator test
Fastest wordpress hosting – Hostgator
  • Lowest: 410 ms
  • Highest: 364 ms
  • Average: 384 ms

Build an e-commerce site or a simple blog site. Hostgator’s fast and reliable hosting service meets all your needs. It has millions of customers worldwide and has a strong infrastructure.

Hostgator is a Houston-based web hosting company founded in 2002. Not only does Hostgator offer shared hosting, it also has cloud, VPS, reseller and even a site builder.

If you are considering moving to Hostgator from another hosting company, Hostgator will help you. After purchasing your hosting service, you can reach technical support within 30 days and request to move your website.

Hostgator is so confident in its quality service that it offers a full 45-day money-back guarantee.

Network Solutions – networksolutions.com

Fastest web hosting provider – Network solutions
  • Lowest: 350 ms
  • Highest: 312 ms
  • Average: 343 ms

Network Solution is one of the oldest, fastest web hosting companies in the world and offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee on their web hosting services.

It also offers support for the most widely adopted programming languages, including PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Ruby on Rails, and more.

With 99.99% uptime and 24/7 phone or email support, Network Solutions’ web hosting is very reliable. Network Solutions offers a fast service, but Network Solutions features are scarce when compared to other hosting companies.

HostPapa – hostpapa.com

fast web hosting provider hostpapa wordpress
Who has the fastest hosting? – Hostpapa
  • Lowest: 450 ms
  • Highest: 372 ms
  • Average: 390 ms

Hostpapa is one of the best hosting companies in the world based in canada that offers many different services such as linux hosting, VPS, reseller and wordpress. The company was founded in 2006 and now hosts close to 1 million websites.

One of the biggest reasons Hostpapa stands out is that it is an environmentally friendly hosting company. They use 100% renewable energy to power their data centers, web servers and all electronic devices.

This company claims its goal is to offer every customer a full-featured hosting package at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality.

Who has the fastest WordPress hosting?

WordPress is a popular content management system for building a website. To create a fast WordPress site, we recommend Hostinger’s shared linux hosting packages with LiteSpeed or custom WordPress hosting plans.

Hostinger has an average server response time of 318ms and offers multiple server locations.

WordPress hosting package is not mandatory for WordPress. WordPress works on all linux hosting plans and has minimal running requirements.

However, WordPress hosting plans are specially optimized for higher performance unlike standard cpanel linux web hosting and also include some additional features.