The Best WordPress Caching Plugin (Free Cache Plugin)

The most important factor that makes a website run fast is the hosting company, and having a fast site is very important for both user experience and search engine optimization.

There are many methods you can do to speed up your website, and the most well-known of these methods is to use a cache plugin.

There are many wordpress caching plugins that you can use for free, but some plugins offer a premium option with additional features.

LiteSpeed Cache

best wordpress cache plugin litespeed cache
Best wordpress caching plugin – LiteSpeed cache

LiteSpeed Cache is a five-star and very popular wordpress cache plugin. It can minify and combine your JavaScript and CSS files, automatically optimize images, and much more.

However, what distinguishes LiteSpeed Cache from other caching plugins is that it also has a server-level cache. For this reason, you should choose a hosting company that supports LiteSpeed web server for built-in page caching features.

The fastest hosting companies provide hosting services with LiteSpeed web server. If the hosting company you are working with does not support LiteSpeed, you can transfer your website to one of the fastest hosting companies we recommend.

  • Downloads: 3+ million
  • Reviews: 1,900+
  • Rating: 4.8

LiteSpeed Cache WordPress

WP Fastest Cache

fastest cache wordpress cache plugin
Best wordpress cache plugin – Fastest hosting

WP Fastest Cache is one of the easiest and fastest wordpress cache plugins to install. It also has a premium option with features such as CDN, image and database optimization.

Unlike other free caching plugins, this caching plugin not only minifies HTML and CSS files, but also combines them to make your code cleaner and leaner.

  • Downloads: 1+ million
  • Reviews: 3,700+
  • Rating: 4.9

WP Fastest Cache WordPress

WP Total Cache

best wordpress cache plugin wp total cache plugin
WordPress cache plugin – WP total cache

WP Total Cache is one of the most popular and recommended caching plugins for WordPress.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s compatible with many hosting plans, including both shared web hosting and dedicated server.

With WP Total Cache, you can minify pages and posts, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, as well as RSS.

You can also defer CSS and JavaScript, eliminate render-blocking JavaScript resources, and automatically run database cleanups.

  • Downloads: 1+ million
  • Reviews: 4,900+
  • Rating: 4.4

WP Total Cache WordPress

WP Super Cache

Best free wordpress caching plugin wp super cache
Best free wordpress caching plugin – WP super cache

WP Super Cache is one of the best free cache plugins developed by Automattic.

The main feature that makes this plugin stand out is its three caching modes. Expert mode is the fastest but requires you to modify the .htaccess file.

While it’s great for those who want a lot more control over caching, it’s not suitable for everyone, especially as any mistake in the .htaccess file can crash the website.

We can recommend this plugin mostly for developers and other users with technical experience.

  • Downloads: 2+ million
  • Reviews: 1,200+
  • Rating: 4.3

WP Super Cache WordPress

WP Optimize

WP optimize best cache wordpress plugin
WP optimize – Best cache plugin

WP Optimize was originally designed to clean and optimize the database.

But from the start, it has grown into an all-encompassing WordPress performance plugin, including cache, and is one of the best wordpress plugins you can use for caching.

WP Optimize is more than a cache plugin. You can compress images on your WordPress site and optimize your database.

  • Downloads: 1+ million
  • Reviews: 1,800+
  • Rating: 4.8

WP Optimize WordPress

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