Best Website Performance Speed ​​Test Tools

There is a free tool with which you can test the performance of your website. Moreover, they are very easy to use. Type your site address and find out how fast (or how slow) your website is in seconds.

The most important factor affecting the performance of a website is the server. If your preferred hosting company does not use new technologies such as SSD disk or litespeed on its servers, it is inevitable that your website will run slowly.

For this reason, we recommend you to choose the fastest hosting companies that use the latest technologies on their servers.

But web hosting isn’t the only reason a website runs slow. Your site may run slowly due to any problem in the software you use on your website. Especially mistakes made in design can cause your website to load too late.

With the hosting speed test tools we share with you, you can also learn about some errors that cause your site to load slowly and apply the recommended solutions.

PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights website performance test

Built by Google, the pagespeed insights tool is a popular site testing tool that has been used for years to test and rate websites.

PageSpeed insights rates websites from 1 to 100 for both mobile and desktop, and the higher the number, the faster the website.

It is quite easy to use and interpret compared to many other tools.

After running the test, you can get detailed information about page sizes, TTFB, render-blocking codes, and more. Below each section you can see a list of recommended solutions to help speed up the site.


Webpagetest website speed test tool
Webpagetest website test tool

WebPagetest is one of the most preferred open source site performance tools that allows you to compare your site from various devices and dozens of different locations.

For example, you can choose to test your website on a slow mobile network or a fast one.

Results are rated from A to F and keep you informed about your site’s performance for caching, TTFB, compression, page load speed, and more.


Gtmetrix site performance test tool - Fastest hosting

Gtmetrix is one of the first free tools that comes to mind when it comes to “website speed performance test”. Gtmetrix gives you detailed information about your performance score and page speed.

Gtmetrix also provides information on how to fix issues affecting performance, but we can only test from two different locations without registration.

k6 Load Testing

k6 load testing tool - fastest hosting
k6 load testing

k6 is an open source, free and developer-centric load testing tool. The k6 is designed to build and test robust systems and to prevent potential problems in advance.

For example, you are going to start a great project and you expect a lot of attention when your project is published. So, are you sure that your website has a strong infrastructure to serve thousands or hundreds of thousands of users?

The easiest way to find out is the k6 load test tool.


Solarwinds pingdom performance test tool
Solarwinds pingdom website speed test tool

Pingdom is one of the oldest website performance and speed testing tools and is still very popular.

The website’s performance is rated from 0 to 100 and you do not need to register to use pingdom. Also, the reports are simpler and less detailed than google’s pagespeed insights tool. But you can access important metrics like page load time and page size.

Pingdom is simple to use and lets you run a test from dozens of location options.

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